How To Hire A Drone Photographer

Drone photography has become more popular for special occasions. Some of the benefits of drone aerial photography include time management, versatility, minimal interference, and full-HD quality. In addition, drones can take captivating 360shots of hilltops, wedding venues, roofs, real estate, etc. Currently, there is stiff competition in the drone photography field. Therefore, you should invest your time in looking for a professional drone photographer. Hiring the right drone photographer might seem expensive, but that isn’t the case. Below are tips on how to hire a drone photographer with prices and uses:


There are various aspects that you should analyze and evaluate before hiring a drone photographer. Below are factors to consider when hiring drone pilots:

1. Licensed and Insured

Drone photographers should have a license. The objective of this license is to ensure the footage captured for the project is legal and doesn’t violate airspace laws. A licensed drone pilot will provide top-notch services. In addition, the right drone pilot should be insured.

2. Experience

The experience of the drone photographer is a key aspect that’ll determines the quality of photos and videos. In addition, an experienced drone pilot will provide great editing skills. The right drone photographer should have more than five years of experience in this industry.

3. Airspace Restrictions

It’s important to determine the airspace restrictions when hiring drone photographers. The right drone pilot will analyze the rules and regulations of the location and give you feedback. In addition, ensure you understand the condition and type of the drone.

4. Inquire About Additional Drone Services

Post-processing and editing are important post-production services that you should inquire about. As previously mentioned, most drone photographers have editing skills and experience. These services might cost you more, but they’re worth it. The right drone photographer will give you a portfolio of previous work. Analyze the portfolio to ensure it suits your tastes and wants.


a. Roof Inspection

Whether it’s a commercial or domestic roof inspection, it’s important to hire a professional drone photographer. The objective of a drone roof photographer is to inspect the conditions of your roof, air conditioning units, chimney, and ventilation. Detecting and repairing roof problems early can be cost-effective. The average cost of hiring a drone roof photographer ranges between $150 to $400. There are various factors that inf the price of drone roof inspection, including the size and complexity of the roof. In addition, below are some of the benefits of drone roof inspection:

– Increased precision

– Increased safety

– 3D models of the roof and surrounding area

– High-resolution video capture

– Reduced insurance costs

– Thermal imaging

b. Agriculture Survey

Agriculture drone photography requires professionalism, piloting skills, and expertise in agriculture and land surveying. Approximately, drone land survey cost ranges between $30 to $120 per acre. Some of the factors that influence the price of agriculture drone photography are the amount of time needed to complete the project, land size, and the type of survey. There’s a wide range of benefits to using drones in agriculture:

– Increased efficiency

– Reduced crop survey cost

– 3D mapping of land

– Reduced CO2 emissions

– Increased mapping accuracy

– Increased crop yield

– Save money on insurance

c. Real Estate Survey

Based on research, there’s an increased demand for real estate drone photography. It’s a lucrative industry with the high competition; therefore, realtors are using drone photography to attain a competitive edge. Real estate drone photography can cost between $50 and $400, depending on the square feet of the area. The cost covers the exterior and interior shots. There are two types of interior photos: 360photos and HDR photos. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a real estate drone photographer:

– Showcase the property surrounding

– Boost real estate marketing

– Provides breathtaking perspectives

d. Advertising

Drone photography can help you attain a competitive advantage. The cost of drone photography in advertising ranges between $100 to $450 per hour. Some drone photographers might charge $500 to $800 per project. The cost of drone photography in advertising can be affected by various aspects, including the expertise of the pilot, the type of drone, and the certifications required. Benefits of drone photography in advertising include:

– Increased sales

– Enhance online presence

– High-resolution photos and video capture

e. Wedding Occasions

Wedding drone photography has high demand because people are looking for high-quality pictures and videos that define their memories. A starter package for this industry can cost you $500 to $600.


I. Drone Model

Different drones have different prices. The specifications and features of the drone will influence its price. Therefore, drone photographers using high-end drones and equipment will charge higher.

II. Image Quality

The type of drone will determine the image quality. Drone photographers who take high-quality images will charge higher. The quality of photos and videos can vary between standard definition (SD) to 8K+.

III. Permission Levels

Different states have different local rules and regulations. In some states, drone photographers will require a permit to take photos, especially if the venue is close to a military base or airport. Securing these permits will incur additional costs. The level of restriction will influence the total cost.

IV. Job Type

There are numerous industries that require drone photography, including real estate, advertising, roof inspection, and agriculture. The complexity of the job will influence its price. Some jobs will cost as low as $50, whereas others will cost $8000.

V. Post-Processing and Editing

Most drone pilots have in-depth knowledge of photo and video editing. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient experience in this industry, opt for professional services. Post-processing can include an array of services, such as color grading, video stitching, adding music, voiceovers, etc. Some drone photographers will include these services in the package.

VI. Geographical Location

The geographical location can influence the price of drone photography. Drone pilots will charge more in order to cover their transport costs and other hidden costs. Therefore, hiring a local drone photographer is a cost-friendly approach.


Other factors that can influence the pricing of drone photography are the personnel required, the time spent to complete the project, and the experience of the drone pilot. There are some aspects that you should consider when selecting a drone photographer, such as years of experience, reputation, editing skills, etc.

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