Top drone photographers for every State in the USA – 2020

Alabama –
“SkyBama provides high-quality aerial photos and HD video of events, breaking news, feature films, commercials, television productions, real-estate, property or construction projects on a progression schedule, mapping, etc.
High quality video in 4K, 5K, 6K resolutions with the Inspire 2 X7 (Apple ProRes or CineDNG,)”

Alaska –
“Alaskafoto is a professional business created by one of the best Alaska Photographers – Rob Stapleton and Janeth Valencia who are in the business of making photographs. We specialize in using action, sculpting with light, color, and emotion to tell a story or illustrate a perspective.”

“We are a 7-person team, passionate about capturing the perfect shot. From taking drone footage for a simple building survey to creating an aerial video that captures an epic action shot for TV or film, our focus is on telling the most captivating story. ​
Founded in 2014, Extreme Aerial Productions, LLC is a professional aerial drone video and photography company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We work in all 50 states, are FAA-approved for commercial drone operations, and backed by the best aviation insurance money can buy. “

Arkansas –
Ozark Drones specializes in aerial cinematography for TV, commercial, business, construction and premium real estate. Using our fleet of multi-rotor drones, we can capture ultra-smooth cinematic footage for your next project. Our drone cameras are gyro-stabilized and have full 360° 3-axis capabilities with video downlink.
 We adhere to all FAA regulations, which enable our drones to fly up to 400 feet above ground level and at speeds up to 50mph. We can also obtain special flight waivers and FAA airspace authorizations for your flight location, if required.
Ozark Drones is fully insured with aviation insurance with a $1 million dollar public liability policy. All of our drones have been registered with the FAA and DOT, and are operated by FAA Part 107 licensed pilots.”

California –
“Drone 55 is an aerial photography firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2013, Drone 55 has become one of the most trusted names in the drone industry. Our clients include the biggest names in their respected industries, many of them repeat customers and referrals. We are FAA approved for commercial drone operations across the entire US and our portfolio includes projects from coast to coast.”

​Colorado –
“Foresight Aerial Photography was started in 2003 by Mark Ewing in Denver, CO. Mark created the business to combine his love for flying with his passion for photography. For over 15 years Foresight Aerial Photography has been creating custom digital aerial images of Denver, CO and the surrounding areas for its clients. We have grown to meet demand – utilizing a multitude of professional photographers and pilots to easily meet the timelines of all of our clients. We also now have a network of Drone pilots that are located throughout the Denver area and also nationwide!The majority of Foresight Aerial Photography’s clients consistently return to use us for all of their Colorado aerial photography needs. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal and we strive to have every customer become a repeat client. Denver Aerial Photography guarantees that you’ll be happy with your photography package.”

Connecticut –
“​PhotoFlight Aerial Media is a CT Drone Photography and Video Service Provider, proudly serving CT clients in Film Production, News & Event Broadcast, Marketing, Government Institutions and Engineering Companies. “

Deleware –
“The Drone Co. is one of the original FAA Authorized Commercial Aerial Drone Companies in the United States. With over 30 years of UAV / drone pilot experience The Drone Co. is the most trusted name in aerial photography in the USA.”

Florida –
“Suncoast Aerials provides professional aerial drone services Based in Sarasota, FL serving the Suncoast and surrounding areas Our expert pilots perform a wide array of aerial solutions We use state of the art camera equipment to produce the best results All of our pilots are FAA certified, licensed and insured “We are here to make your visions a reality”

Georgia –
“With over 15 years of multimedia experience, Georgia Drone Pros brings a unqiue perspective into the field:
from above. If you’d like to see what Georgia Drone Pros can do for you, contact us today!”

Hawaii –
“Pacific Dream Photography is a preferred photography service available at some of the top hotels in the country. As a company, we aim to capture our clients’ special occasions with artfulness and style. Whether it’s a family vacation in California or a honeymoon in Hawaii, our team can provide you with a unique photography experience and send you home with the perfect souvenir of your trip.”

Idaho –
“Rapid Aerial LLC is a Boise, Idaho owned and based Aerial imagery provider.   Using some of the latest unmanned aerial vehicle technology, we can provide breath taking aerial photos and thrilling aerial video.  Combine that with some of the most advanced photogrammetry software available and we can provide incredibly accurate 3D maps, orthomosaics, infrastructure inspections, and crop health surveys.  This can all be done more safely and at a fraction of the cost of manned flight.  Aerial thermal and multispectral imaging is coming soon and we look forward to providing energy conservation studies, electrical inspections, and aid in search and rescue operations.  Quite literally, the sky is the limit for unmanned flight capability and we’re excited to be your imagery provider. Contact us today to discuss your aerial solution. Rapid Aerial LLC is fully insured and FAA cleared for unmanned commercial flight to 400′ above ground level.”

Illinois –
“We specialize in eye capturing Real Estate, Wedding, Events and Business Video Advertising Marketing Commercials and Photography Services.Commercial Video Inspections include Building Envelope, Roof Inspections, Power Lines, Water Towers, Cell Towers, Cooling Towers, Monuments, Wind Turbines, Radiation Measurements and Monitoring, Bridges, Petrochemical Oil & Gas Inspections, Solar Panel, Railway / Train Line, New Construction.”

Indiana –
“​Indiana Drone Photography is Indiana’s premier source for high quality aerial photographs and 4K video.  We use the DJI Inspire 1 Pro platform to capture beautiful photographs and video that simply cannot be done with any other type of aerial platform. With our drones we can capture any scene from the ground up to the FAA maximum of 400 ft.  Want something above that?  No problem, we also offer aerial photographs from airplanes and helicopters.  All of our pilots are FAA certified and insured, and we have a perfect safety record.”

Iowa –
“UpintheAir Iowa believes in a world of 4K video footage and great storytelling behind each video frame. We work with a wide range of concepts and our clients showcase our diverse and unique portfolio. Anyone can fly a drone, but not everyone understands the fundamentals of aerial filming and photography  We’d love to show the world what you see!”

Kansas –
“Drone On Demand operates the DJI Inspire 1 Pro (Zenmuse X5), Inspire 2 (Zenmuse X5s), Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro and multiple Phantom models. Multiple prime lens selections available for Inspire models.
Drone On Demand is not just a drone company. We are a full production video company on terra firma.  We carry a full array of HD/DSLR Cameras for your photo/video projects.  DJI Ronin M/S. Cameras from Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, DJI OSMO Pro and GoPro. We also carry dollies/sliders, lighting and professional audio as needed per project. 
Our pilots/shooters and editors have combined decades of videography/photography/editing experience to turn your production visions into reality. With a spotless safety record, Drone On Demand follows all FAA regulations. We issue each client their own certificate of liability co-insurance to provide protection to you and your company while operating on your behalf.’

Kentucky ––iFWN5tw
“Above The Rest Photography is your one stop shop for all your aerial photography, aerial cinematography, and aerial filming needs in Louisville KY and beyond! Using small drone aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial video & photos that no other Photographer has been able to create until now. We are able to capture HD video, High Resolution still photo’s, and if necessary edit it all into whatever our clients want. See the world from above, it’s Truly Above the Rest!”

Louisiana –
“Foley Aerial Services is a leading provider of Aerial Photography in the Gulf South. Our company is equipped with the latest UAV technology for uses in multiple different industries. We specialize in the areas of elevated and confined space inspections, as well as accurately monitoring inventory stockpiles. We put easy-to-use data solutions in the hands of operation managers for quick and deliberate decision-making on both small and large projects.”

Maine –
“Maine Drone Imaging was founded on the idea that aerial photography and video should be available to everyone. Using the latest technology to capture breathtaking results ensures our clients come away with a great experience and great results.  Located in Central Maine we offer a wide range of services and are always open to different market needs.  Drone imaging is a progressive field and we strive to meet all of our customers’ demands.  Please email us with your project to create a custom plan that directly fits your needs. Maine Drone Imaging is a fully Insured and FAA Certified Company.”

Maryland –
“Baltimore Aerial Productions is a unique aerial solutions company in Baltimore, MD. Specializing in creative techniques, we’re able to capture uncommon perspectives from above. Contact us today!”

Massachusetts –
“We serve real estate agents with real estate videography, immersive real estate video tours, drone and interior photography services plus consult you on how to deploy this next level media to maximize reach, appointments, sales and leases.”

Michigan –
“We specialize in Professional Drone Photography & 4K Video. We are FAA licensed and insured. We personally photograph all of the professional aerial drone photography and video in and around Michigan. Based in Grand Rapids. Perfect for Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Construction, Real Estate, Golf Courses, Thermal IR Inspections, 3D mapping and more…”

Minnesota –
“Liftoff Aerials Media Group has been flying unmanned aerial vehicles for marketing & advertising for more then 4 years. We are Federal Aviation Administration approved to fly commercially with our 333 exemption. We specialize in high resolutions video and photography for commercials, magazines, real estate, indoor and outdoor events, construction site aerial surveying and movies. We have 4 aerial aircraft’s specifically designed  for shooting high end media with DSLR cameras and 4k video equipment.”

Mississippi –
“​Captain Zachary Breazeale, a forestry technician with Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. has recently completed Drone Pilot Ground School and is certified by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the operation of unmanned aerial systems referred to as drones.
Walley Properties, LLC. and Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. has recently made this remarkable high resolution aerial photography and videography available to our clients. Listed below are some of the benefits of having this advanced technology available for land management and real-estate sales.”

Missouri –
“Drone photography and video in the Springfield, Branson, Kimberling City, Cape Fair, Ozark, Nixa, and surrounding areas of SW Missouri and NW Arkansas. We do a lot of drone video around Branson and Table Rock Lake, as well as residential drone video in Springfield and Ozark. Real Estate Photography From a Whole New Level!  Call the drone guy at 417-986-5533.
Whether you are a business owner, real estate professional, or homeowner, we have something for you.”

Montana –
“We technically specialize in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations and visual storytelling. Our mission is to use distinctive visual storytelling as a means of communicating with our world about opportunity, hope, and awareness. By flying the industry’s most dynamic UAS technology over the past 7 years, our highly trained drone pilot practice risk management, mindfulness, and artistic creativity to capture remarkable photos and video from the sky. We provide drone education, industry familiarization, and drone services such as video and photo production (ground and aerial videography and aerial photography), Survey-grade GIS Mapping, Construction site monitoring, Inspections, Roof Reports, Agricultural Health Reports, and digital 3D models at a welcoming price.”

Nebraska –
“Companies with high demands turn to Midwest UAV Imaging to deliver the results.  No request is ever the same, so we stay flexible and affordable.   Our construction crew combined has over 40 years of construction experience, which gives Midwest UAV Imaging a superior edge in the industry.  Drones offer much more then cool photos or videos.  They create full scale models of what is being built.   They allow you to track progress, locate and place assets, make complex measurements and allow BIM Engineers to overlay maps.”

Nevada –
“Aerial Imaging is Nevada’s most trusted aerial photography company.  We’ve been serving Northern Nevada, Northern California and surrounding states for over 10 years, offering our high quality aerial photos and video work with tremendous customer satisfaction. We are available to handle special aerial project work in locations outside our area.”

New Hampshire –
“At 603 Drones, LLC, we focus on getting the visuals and data you need from a perspective that would previously have been cost-prohibitive. With a strong focus on safety, quality, and reliability, we maintain full FAA certification, all our airframes are registered as required by both state and federal law, and we are heavily insured so that you can have absolute peace of mind working with us.”

New Jersey –
“TomDrone is a premiere New Jersey drone photography and videography company. We are a team of professional photographers throughout the state ready to give you quality and quick aerial photography service. With years of experience in photography, we aim to take imagery to the next level by offering bold and dynamic visuals from the sky, combining today’s technology of unmanned aerial vehicles with high quality camera equipment. This gives you images like no other. Drone photography in NJ has never been better. And make sure you take a look at one of favorite videos from Oregon, shot entirely on drones. Thanks for stopping by!”

New Mexico –
“We are a drone company based in Rio Rancho New Mexico. We love flying drones and love flying them for you.
Our drones are professional drone platforms with advanced safety features and top of the line performance”

New York -
“We shoot for film directors, producers, documentaries, real estate developers and more. We also specialize in combining live aerial photography and videography with 3D rendered footage for real estate development and architecture through a process called matchmoving. The process involves the insertion of a 3D rendered building onto live aerial footage with correct position, orientation, shadows, reflection and angle, relative to the other objects in the shot.”

North Carolina –
“As a Luxury Real Estate Photography company located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area we offer professional custom photography and videography to help brand agents. We specialize in luxury off camera flash photography to create sharp crisp images. As a Zillow certified photographer I also offer 3D tours and or aerial/interior videos to create a luxury virtual tour with music. We have a fast turnaround and flexible scheduling and cover the Triangle MLS including Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex and Wake Forest.”

North Dakota –
“Make your business stand out from the crowd or show off your property with aerial drone photography. Based in Horace, North Dakota, provides high resolution drone photos and videos in the FM area. Contact me today to discuss affordable packages that will enhance your project. “

Ohio –
“A FAA certified sUAS pilot who has been flying since December of 2015 with the newest Drone Technology. This includes all features in which the drone performs electronically. The knowledge to keep up with today’s drone technology is an education process which Jeff Holbury Sr understands. 
Jeff also has 40 years of professional photography experience prior.”

Oklahoma -
“Oklahoma Drone Photography is family owned and operated by husband and wife team Al and Peggy Bartraw. Their vision for the company is to give anyone a dynamic view of their properties whether it be residential, new business development, construction progression, real estate, landmarks, cityscapes, and special events which, until recent years, could only be done via helicopter. They understand that drones are more cost effective, less intrusive, more convenient, and quicker to set up.”

Oregon –
“Southern Oregon Drone provides exceptional aerial photography and videography to Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Eugene, Roseburg, Portland, Bend, and the rest of Oregon and Northern California – legally and insured​.”

Pennsylvania –
“Philly by Air is the area’s leading provider of high quality drone aerial photography services. Proudly featured by 6abc, PHL17, Philadelphia Magazine, and many more, Philly by Air offers a range of aerial photography services to meet the needs of our clients.”

Rhode Island –

South Carolina –
“SkyView’s core values have been shaped over more than 4 years of delivering exclusive aerial drone services to our clients. They exceeded the test of time and remain our bedrock lynchpins still today. We never cut quality, pace of work, or customer service. We stay true to our full promise of efficiency with aerial drones!”

South Dakota –
“I started Dakota Drone Aerial Photography because I wanted to be a part of the aerial photography movement. I have been flying drones for 6 years throughout Sioux Falls South Dakota.
I would be happy to talk to you about this fantastic technology and show you what a difference photos from the sky can make for your project.”

Tennessee ––iFWN5tw
“Above The Rest Photography is Tennessee’s FIRST and #1 RATED professional drone aerial company. We are your one stop shop for all your aerial photography and video needs in Nashville TN and beyond! Productions featuring our work have even won an Emmy! Yes you’ve read that right! Our work has helped the Documentary “The Dead Unknown” win its first Emmy in 2016! Using industry leading and custom built  aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos.  For video we are able to capture HD, Ultra HD, and Cinematic 4K. For photography we are able to capture High Resolution still photo’s in (MP=Mega Pixels) 12MP, 16MP, and 24MP. If you need a finalized video don’t worry we also offer editing. At Above The Rest we only offer the best in quality for our clients period! We urge you to browse the videos and photos on our site and feel free to compare with other companies around. We are positive you will see a huge difference in quality. We also urge you to read our reviews. We have a 5-star rating and tend to keep it that way. See what other business owners, production companies, realtors, event planners, etc. are saying about us. Let us help you see the world from above, it’s truly Above The Rest!”

Texas –
“Red Wing Aerial Photography is Texas’ trusted and reliable source for on demand custom aerial photography.  With available aircraft and representatives based in San Antonio and Dallas making daily flights within a 200-mile radius, we’ve got Texas covered.  From San Antonio to Austin to Dallas to Midland to the Rio Grande Valley to Corpus Christi to Houston and all points in between–we fly there!  Whether you need ground/architectural photos, drone, helicopter, or airplane photos, we can do it!  With over 20 years of experience supporting the commercial real estate and construction industries, we know how to effectively showcase your property for ad copy, presentations, site reconnaissance or construction progress photos–We understand what you’re trying to accomplish!  Call us today at 877-324-2533 to discuss your project.”

Utah –
“Hot Shots Aerial Photography provides professional aerial imaging services using advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. Our photography and videography services provide value for individual, corporate and government clients. We provide aerial imaging for the construction and real estate industries, farmers and growers, the insurance industry, and energy and power generation, just to name a few. We follow three fundamental principles in the pursuit of our business: We leverage affordable, reliable technology for our clients. We deliver proven results that you can trust. And we provide exceptional customer service.”

Vermont –
“Welcome to the relaunch of my blog about being a photographer in Vermont. It’s been a long time since I have written in this blog. Our son was born in 2013 and is now a rambunctious, talkative and curious four-year old. Needless to say, he is the focus of much of our attention and energy. This year I have had to have two foot surgeries – one planned in March and one unplanned in July, so I have spent several months on crutches. I have gained an even greater appreciation for mobility, independence and the kindness of friends and family to drive me around and help with everyday chores, errands and outings.
For the past year I have been flying a DJI Mavic Pro drone to make aerial pictures around Vermont. This has energized my enthusiasm for photography and provided a new perspective on the Green Mountains. Vermont’s landscapes of small towns, winding roads, rivers and lakes take on a different look from the air. And as I am on crutches for a few more weeks, the drone allows me greater aerial mobility to achieve a fresh bird’s-eye view of the landscape around me.”

Virginia –
“We are a full service photography and video production company.   Aerial photography is transforming the real estate industry.  We are assisting real estate agents all over Loudoun County and Northern Virginia market their clients properties in this most unique way.  Our services include the use of small low flying quadcopter drone technology, that allows us to shoot smooth, cinematic, gliding video as well as breathtaking still shots.”

Washington –
“We have extensive experience with aerial cinematography and aerial photography Seattle and the Puget Sound region. The quality of our drone services work speaks for itself, both in the field and the editing room- take a look at our Portfolio page for examples.”

West Virginia –
“As a West Virginia drone company, we want to make aerial data available to everyone. Aerial Photography can now be done quickly and cost effectively saving your company time and money. Sky Vision Imagery is a West Virginia drone company based in Charleston, West Virginia and provides aerial photography, aerial videography and Industrial aerial applications for businesses and property owners into the Ohio, Kentucky Tri-State area. We also cover South Carolina and North Carolina to take care of all of your aerial needs.
Sky Vision Imagery specializes in bringing expertise to every flight. At Sky Vision Imagery safety is our number one concern when we are out on a project. Therefore we reserve the right to postpone any flight until we can complete it safely. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do click below or give us a call.”

Wisconsin drone photographer-
“A photography and videography business based in southern WI built by two photographers, Matt Sloniker, and Hannah Hays. Who’s mission is to make Beloit and its surrounding areas better for our family and yours.”

Wyoming –
“Michael Emmer has been actively involved in the Film and Video Production business since receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Motion Picture Production in 1984. Before moving to location rich Jackson Hole, Wyoming and founding Bridger Productions, Michael worked on projects with many of the top production companies including: Pepsi for Pytka Productions, A & E for Biographies, Mars Media for Mountain Dew, Television Specials for ABC Primetime, Television Specials for The Discovery Channel with Evergreen Films and Pierre de Lespinois, Sports Programming for Network Television such as ESPN, FOX and The Outdoor Life Network and many others.”

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